What are aligners?

Aligners are transparent devices used to straighten teeth. They function similarly to braces but are more convenient as they are removable, helping you discreetly achieve the desired smile. Being less noticeable than traditional braces, they offer many advantages for those who want to enhance their smile subtly.

Aligners are better than braces traditionally used because they don't interfere with your diet and don't disrupt your usual lifestyle. You can continue to eat and enjoy all your favorite foods, and your regular oral hygiene routine remains the same during aligner treatment. Smile confidently while your aligners work discreetly. In addition to a confident and beautiful smile, aligners reduce the risk of excessive tooth wear.

Effectiveness of Aligners

Despite all the myths and rumors, aligners are just as effective as traditional braces. Aligners can correct bite issues, including distal and mesial bites, deep and open bites, open bites, and even crossbites. They can address gaps between teeth and tooth crowding. Some studies even suggest that aligners are more effective compared to braces. Furthermore, this nearly invisible approach to teeth alignment is most suitable for a social and active lifestyle, especially for self-conscious teenagers and adults. What's best, treatment with aligners is easygoing and unobtrusive, as they are easy to clean and maintain.

Types of Aligners

Aligners, in their familiar form, were invented by Invisalign in 1999, after which other manufacturers began to spread and develop this technology.

There are dozens of types of aligners available today, but overall, aligners are very similar to each other, with some differences. Since 2017, SOLO Aligners have combined the best features from all manufacturers, providing a highly progressive and competitive product. Let's compare some of them to understand what to pay attention to when choosing aligners.

InvisalignSOLO AlignersOther manufacturers
TransparencyTransparentTransparentCan be matte
Who plans the cases?Dental techniquesOrthodontistsDental techniques
Speed of treatmenton average 6-12 monthson average 6-12 monthson average 18-24 months

When to get aligners?

Regarding age, orthodontic aligners are a unique opportunity for bite correction suitable for both adults and children. Typically, aligners for children are used from the age of 12 when all permanent teeth are present. Responsibility and self-discipline are crucial factors in aligner treatment, as wearing the trays for a minimum of 22 hours a day is necessary to achieve a positive result. Therefore, when choosing this treatment method, parents should be confident that the child is ready to adhere to the wearing schedule and will not remove the aligners when unsupervised at school or during outdoor activities.

Indications/Contraindications for SOLO Aligners?

The answer is quite simple — practically in all cases unless they are contraindications to aligner treatment.

Contraindications may include:

  1. Developmental pathologies that can only be addressed through orthognathic surgery.
  2. Low motivation of the patient to wear aligners (e.g., children forced by their parents to wear aligners).
  3. Severe stages of periodontal disease (tissues around the teeth) and inflammatory conditions of the gums (such conditions may only worsen during aligner treatment), although it is advisable to consult with our doctors regarding the satisfactory condition of your periodontium.
  4. Children in the mixed dentition stage (still have baby teeth).
  5. Severe mental illnesses and neurological conditions.
  6. Multiple tooth loss.

Stages of SOLO Aligners Treatment:

1. Consultation.

Just at the consultation, you can quickly find out if you are a candidate for aligner treatment. Our orthodontic doctors, using basic diagnostics, can assess the complexity of your case and provide an initial estimate of the duration, precise cost, and complexity of the treatment.

2. Diagnosis.

If you want to be treated with aligners, first of all, you need to undergo detailed diagnostics at our clinic. 3D scanning, computer tomography, photo protocol, simulation of the functioning of your dental-jaw system in a diagnostic articulator, as well as collecting anamnesis – all the gathered information will allow our orthodontists to provide you with a real description of your problem, assess all the causes of the problem, and suggest the most optimal treatment options.

3. We will manufacture and deliver all your aligners.

We use state-of-the-art 3D printers to manufacture your aligners from clear plastic that does not contain bisphenol A. You will change aligners every 1 or 2 weeks during the treatment until your teeth are in place. In the box, you will also find a set for aligner care and additional accessories to enhance the appearance of your new smile.

4. Attachments.

In some cases, your doctor may also place attachments of various geometric shapes on your teeth to achieve better coverage of the teeth with the aligner, providing greater support for moving the teeth to the desired position. These attachments serve the same function as brackets in traditional dental braces. However, unlike metal brackets, attachments are the same color as the tooth, making them inconspicuous.

5. Check-up visits.

Throughout your entire journey with aligners, you will have regular check-ups to ensure that you are on the right path to achieving your dream smile. You will receive a mobile app with access to your treatment details, allowing you to monitor your progress from the comfort of your home. Additionally, you will have 24/7 access to our orthodontic team in case you have any questions.

6. Removal of attachments and placement of retainers. 

After your teeth have shifted, and your smile is as you hoped it would be, you will receive retention caps to stabilize the results. You will only need to wear them at night for some time after completing the active phase of the treatment.

Why SOLO Aligners?

SOLO Aligners is one of the most reliable manufacturers of aligners in Ukraine and Europe. Our clinic offers a leading solution for those seeking comfortable and effective treatment without the hassle associated with metal braces. Our team of orthodontists in Ukraine and around the world provides world-class treatment. Book a free consultation today to get answers to all your questions about aligner treatment.

If you still have questions about aligner treatment, we will always be happy to talk to you using our contacts: soloaligners@gmail.com By phone or WhatsApp +380500454505.

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