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About us

About us

We are a team of doctors with over 20 years of experience in traditional orthodontics. Since 2018, we have specialized in teeth alignment using aligners. This method of correcting the dental arch is extremely popular in Europe due to its effectiveness, safety, and comfort. With a constructive, high-quality, and well-thought-out approach, aligner treatment allows achieving a perfect smile without monthly visits to the orthodontist. Even with remote consultations, it shows excellent results. We offer all Ukrainians who wish to have straight, beautiful teeth a comprehensive remote treatment with the original product – Solo brand aligners.

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About the Brand

Solo aligners are clear removable orthodontic constructions that are individually placed on the upper and lower dental arch. They are made from the best material used in today's global orthopedics.

Features of Zendura FLX material

The material used in Solo aligners is developed by Bay Material, a leading global manufacturer of thermoplastic materials designed for use in orthodontic practice. Zendura FLX features:

  • a three-layer structure with an elastomer inner core and a hard outer shell;
  • perfect transparency that is maintained throughout the entire wearing period, resistant to staining;
  • high flexibility and elasticity with sufficient stiffness needed for strong retention of teeth in a physiologically correct position;
  • resistance to crack formation;
  • safety and environmental friendliness: this material does not contain phthalates, bisphenol A, gluten, and other harmful substances.
елайнери для вирівнювання зубів
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Solo Aligners: benefits compared to braces and other brand aligners

Unlike braces, Solo aligners are easier to care for. Wearing them won't restrict your diet, and you can maintain perfect oral hygiene by cleaning the aligners and teeth separately without any obstacles.

Key advantages of Solo aligners over aligners from other brands: 

  • unmatched transparency compared to constructions made from other materials. Solo orthodontic aligners are completely inconspicuous to the surroundings;
  • higher elasticity;
  • greater comfort and convenience for the patient: Solo aligners are easily inserted onto the dental arch (40% less resistance force during installation) and are effortlessly removable;
  • enhanced shock-absorbing properties, allowing the aligner to quickly regain its shape after mechanical deformations;
  • soft but firm tooth movement with greater (150%) force.

Solo aligners are more reliable and durable. We provide a 5-year warranty for our product.

What do we offer

Correction of dental misalignment not only causes aesthetic discomfort but also leads to an improper bite, which can result in tooth decay, dental problems, and issues with digestion and speech. To prevent these complications, the Solo brand offers:

  • diagnostic procedures using the most precise innovative equipment for scanning and computerized 3D tomography by Dentsply Sirona;
  • crafting personalized aligners of perfect shape and size, considering all dental misalignment issues, as well as retainers after completing the primary treatment.
  • interdisciplinary comprehensive approach to dental alignment correction, taking into account the individual characteristics of each patient;
  • full-distance treatment if you reside outside of Ukraine or if there is no representation of our brand in your city;
  • consultative support from top orthodontists worldwide;
  • patient support 7 days a week and for 5 years after completing the treatment to maintain the achieved results.

The effectiveness of treating dental misalignments with Solo aligners has already been experienced by over 2000 of our patients.

We offer the assistance of highly qualified Ukrainian orthodontists with years of practical experience in treating dental misalignments, as well as the expertise of the best foreign specialists from other countries. We have entered into contracts with foreign orthodontic companies and doctors to provide remote consultation services for treatment planning.

If you want to have a beautiful smile, choose original Solo aligners, and schedule a consultation and diagnosis with our specialists!

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