What are Solo aligners?

We don't just manufacture aligners; in the era of modern orthodontics, we go beyond the ordinary. Our brand offers not only aligners but also a responsible approach to comprehensive orthodontic treatment. This means taking responsibility for every aspect of the process, from diagnosis to the completion of treatment.

One of our key values is our international experience and expertise. Collaborating with recognized doctors from Ukraine and abroad allows us to provide patients with global standards of orthodontic care. We support our partners by offering ready solutions and treatment plans based on the latest methodologies and research in the field.

When you collaborate with us, you receive not just a product but a strategic partner who understands your needs, shares global experience, and is ready to support you every step of the way. We believe in the power of our approach, and we are ready to prove it in practice. Join us and discover for yourself the limitless possibilities we offer.


Advantages of collaborating with SOLO Aligners


SOLO Planning ® We describe in detail the entire treatment plan with step-by-step procedures.

Made in Ukraine

It's not just a fact, but also fast and clear communication and logistics.


Zendura FLX and the most precise 3D printing. The most sophisticated material and the highest accuracy during printing are the guarantee of quality aligners.


SOLO Care® Physician-to-physician support service. We provide consultations to physicians regarding their treatments and patients within minutes directly from a SOLO Aligners doctor.

How does it work?

From your side

Scanning or analog impression

Photo documentation and X-ray images

Uploading to the personal account on the website

From our side

Diagnosis of all input data

Medical board consultation to choose the aligner treatment methodology

Planning the aligner set-up and developing a detailed instruction

Manufacturing aligners and delivering them along with an expanded detailed treatment plan to the doctor

Support and coordination through video or audio calls with SOLO Aligners doctors


Integration of tools for working with TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorders) and a device for correcting anomalies in the sagittal plane during aligner treatment is easily accessible and predictable: we manufacture special occlusal overlays for TMD treatment using a bio-compatible plastic, which are 3D printed with high precision after modeling based on the patient's CT scans.


Online portal for doctors: Innovative Orthodontic Treatment Management Center

In our mission of continuous development and providing high-quality services, we present an online portal with a unique personal account for each partnering doctor. In the world of modern orthodontics, we offer you the innovative SOLO Doctor’s Portal, which becomes the center for managing your treatment plans. Each doctor receives a personal account where technology and communication converge in one space.

Personal Account:

Each doctor gains access to a personalized space where convenient and effective communication takes place, patient data is clearly organized, treatment plans are outlined, and individual needs of doctors are addressed.

Treatment Plan Approval:

Thanks to the integrated platform, doctors can quickly discuss, adjust, and approve treatment plans in real-time, ensuring optimal results for each patient.

3D Visualization and Treatment Progress:

The portal displays detailed 3D visualizations, allowing doctors and patients to visually track the progress of treatment, analyze results, and adjust plans based on real data.

Centralized Communication and Coordination:

Our portal acts as a bridge between SOLO Aligners and you and your patients, enabling interaction that elevates the quality of treatment to a new level. Clinical support 24/7 is available from your phone or computer.

This online portal embodies our vision of the future of orthodontic practice, where technology, collaboration, and individualized approach converge to achieve exceptional results.

Registration details for the portal

Register today and discover new horizons in orthodontic treatment management with SOLO Aligners!