ГоловнаPayment in installments

Payment in installments

Payment in installments

Comprehensive orthodontic treatment with Solo aligners costs between 1450-2450 euros, individually determined for each specific case based on the complexity of the dental issues. We want to ensure that individuals with minor dental misalignments do not overpay for their smile correction. The cost of treatment is determined by our brand orthodontist during the initial consultation, and it is agreed upon with the client, including the correction timeline. Payment for the treatment with our aligners can be made through installment payments, allowing clients to pay the required amount in parts.

What is included in the cost of treatment

The cost of Solo aligner treatment includes payment for the entire range of services provided by our specialists during the primary and retention periods, until the desired result is achieved. By contributing funds for the treatment, you are covering the cost of:

  • consultations;
  • diagnostics using state-of-the-art equipment, including X-rays, photo protocols, and computer-generated 3D models;
  • production of an unlimited number of aligners, which need to be constantly replaced as teeth move into the correct position until the desired result is achieved;
  • attachment placement and removal after the completion of correction;
  • monitoring appointments conducted by the orthodontist during the primary and retention periods;
  • production and installation of retainers.

Details and nuances of payment

The Solo brand offers aligner treatment with convenient installment payments. You can choose the option that suits you best: either with an upfront deposit and final payment after completing the treatment or installment payments.

How to install aligners with installment payments

Paying in installments is the primary payment option for Solo aligner treatment. It involves making a deposit at the diagnostic stage, amounting to 70% of the agreed-upon cost with the patient. The remaining amount (30%) is paid at the end of the treatment, once you confirm that the result discussed during the initial consultation with the orthodontist has been achieved.

Aligner treatment in installments

Only with us you can undergo orthodontic treatment in Ukraine and order aligners with installment payments. Payment in this case can be made in two ways:

  • through Monobank or Privat24;
  • through an installment agreement with the Solo brand

The installment conditions require a mandatory initial payment ranging from 500-1000 euros, with the remaining amount to be paid in equal installments each month over the course of 1 year.

Why installment payments are advantageous

Treating dental irregularities with aligners is currently popular in many European countries. The use of clear, invisible trays made of elastic material with a smooth surface is more comfortable for patients compared to wearing braces. Aligners are easy to remove and put on independently, without the assistance of a doctor, making it easier to eat and maintain oral hygiene.

However, aligner treatment for dental correction is much more expensive than teeth straightening with braces. Payment in installments makes it more accessible and allows spreading the cost over time, avoiding a significant impact on the family budget all at once. Moreover, one-third of the cost is paid only after seeing the result and being satisfied with your new smile.