To all patients undergoing orthodontic correction with Solo aligners, we provide a 5-year warranty for orthopedic structures and assume a range of warranty obligations for comprehensive support throughout the entire treatment term and after its completion.

Warranty obligations of the Solo brand

After completing the primary course of teeth alignment restoration using Solo brand aligners, we offer our patients 5 years of professional warranty services to help secure and maintain the treatment results.

Installation of retainers

The main goal of the Solo brand is to achieve high-quality teeth alignment and ensure a stable result. Therefore, after the primary orthopedic treatment using aligners for the comprehensive rehabilitation of the dental system, we recommend our patients to wear retainers.

The retention period is necessary to prevent the teeth, which have already assumed the correct position after correction, from returning to their original placement. Since the supporting apparatus has a ‘memory,' and to allow it to adapt to the new position of the teeth and the alignment of all dental elements, it is essential to fix the position for a certain period.

Solo brand experts, as part of our warranty commitments after the completion of the correction:

  • conduct diagnostics and develop 3D models of dental arches;
  • craft personalized retainers;
  • install retention caps or wires.

We offer patients the option of both permanent and removable retainers, providing choices that are easily removable and can be worn independently without the need for professional assistance. This facilitates oral hygiene and the ease of eating.

The duration of retainer wear is determined by the orthodontist. The length of the retention period depends on factors such as:

  • the degree of teeth misalignment before correction;
  • the oral cavity's condition after adjusting the dental arch;
  • the patient's age;
  • the presence of harmful habits.

The minimum duration of wearing a retention orthodontic device typically equals twice the treatment period with aligners.

Follow-up examinations

After the completion of the primary course of teeth alignment treatment with Solo brand aligners, orthodontists conduct regular patient check-ups every 6 months. Follow-up visits to the orthodontist are essential during the retention period and after its completion, spanning 5 years post-treatment. These visits aim to assess the bite condition and ensure the absence of tooth displacement back to their previous misaligned positions.

The high level of professionalism and extensive experience in orthopedic treatment of teeth misalignments by our brand's specialists ensures the preservation of the perfect smile achieved through the correction process.

Complimentary production of replacement retainers

When removing the retention cap for cleaning, performing dental hygiene, or eating, try to immediately put it back on your teeth. This is necessary to adhere to the prescribed wearing schedule by the orthodontist. Additionally, leaving the cap in an unauthorized place may easily damage or misplace it. If such an incident occurs, our brand guarantees the production of a new retainer absolutely free of charge.