Hygiene when using aligners

Oral hygiene is crucial when using aligners for several reasons:

Prevents bacterial buildup: Aligners are placed directly on the teeth, so poor hygiene can lead to the accumulation of bacteria, stains, and deposits underneath them, which can cause cavities or the development of bacterial flora. Preservation of gum health: Clean teeth and regular cleaning of aligners help prevent inflammation of the gums and gingivitis, which can occur due to inadequate hygiene. Supports treatment effectiveness: Oral hygiene allows aligners to work more effectively, as clean teeth and aligners help avoid obstacles in the proper placement of aligners for bite correction. Overall oral health: Good oral hygiene promotes overall oral health, helping to avoid bacterial infections and gum and tooth diseases.

Here are a few simple tips to achieve the desired treatment result:

Clean aligners: use a soft toothbrush or a special brush to clean aligners. Thoroughly rinse them with cool water before and after use. Apply unscented soap or a special aligner cleaning solution to avoid bacterial buildup. Clean hands: wash your hands with soap and water before installing or removing aligners to avoid transferring bacteria to the cap and into the oral cavity. Brushing teeth: brush your teeth before each use of aligners to avoid the accumulation of food and bacteria under the aligners. Use dental floss or other interdental cleaning tools. Replace aligners: adhere to the schedule of aligner replacement recommended by your orthodontist. Do not delay the replacement of aligners, as they lose effectiveness and can lead to complications. Regular visits to the orthodontist: it is essential to periodically visit the orthodontist for a check-up on the effectiveness of the treatment and to receive advice on hygiene.

These steps ensure that you follow the best practices for aligner care, avoiding potential problems with oral health and ensuring effective treatment.

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